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Product and Service Warranty


Five Year Warranty

Cabinets and accessories manufactured and sold by True Custom are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of shipment, subject to the limitations provided below. As used herein, the term “defects” shall mean a deficiency or imperfection, which causes cabinets or accessories manufactured and sold by True Custom to fail in the performance of their essential purpose.


The Drawer System:

The structure of the drawer box and its overall ability to store items is warranted to remain suitable for the storage of items normally found in kitchen and bathroom cabinet drawers. While the drawer slides may loosen or tighten over time, the slides are designed to allow an average person to open the drawers with a reasonable amount of effort. Drawer slides that cause an average person to jerk or snatch the drawer in order to open the drawer may be suitable under the warranty for adjustment or replacement, at our discretion. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association rates the drawers of cabinets capable of holding 15 lbs per square foot, evenly distributed within the drawer box. Loading the drawers with items that weigh more than 15 lbs per square foot will not be covered by this warranty. The manufacturer of the drawer slides dynamically rates them at 75 lbs. We will consider both the lbs per square foot rating and the drawer slide rating in determining if this warranty applies.

The Hinge System:

The hinges used on our cabinet doors may loosen or tighten over time, but they are designed to allow the owner to open and close the doors with reasonable amount of effort. Hinges that cause an average person to jerk or snatch a door in order to open or close it may be suitable under warranty for adjustment or replacement, at our discretion. Doors, which undergo warp age over time, may cause hinges to bind. In such instances, this is not a warrantable item beyond the first year.


The Cabinet Box:

The structure of the cabinet box (or case) and its overall ability to store items is warranted to be suitable for the storage of items normally found in kitchen and bath cabinetry. This portion of the warranty refers solely to the box (case) and does not apply to doors, drawer fronts, shelves, accessories, or optional enhancements.



General Limitations of Our Warranties


The limitations in this section are applicable under all circumstances. Our warranties only apply in the case of normal use of our cabinets in interior use in areas with regulated heating and cooling. They are not applicable if there is any evidence of abuse, misuse, abnormal wear & tear, improper storage of items, any items attached to the cabinetry, or failure to properly care for our cabinets. Our warranty is conditioned on your proper handling of cabinets.


Examples of abnormal wear & tear and/or abuse that are not warranted include:


  • Variations and changes in finish colours due to direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Heat damage that may occur on cabinets in contact with or near ovens when the self-cleaning cycle is used.

  • Damage to cabinets, which results from exposure to water.

  • Scratches or dents caused by other sub trades after installation of the cabinets.


The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association rates adjustable shelves to 15 lbs per square foot, distributed evenly upon the shelf. Because we cannot control how shelves will be loaded, we do not warrant our shelves or the shelf clips against shelf sag or failure. It is the owner’s responsibility to take proper precautions against shelf sag failure. If a shelf begins to sag, the load should be lightened. Heavier objects should be moved away from the center of shelves, where sag is most likely to occur. We are not responsible or liable for incidental or consequential damages you may suffer as a result of shelf sag or failure.


Cabinet Doors / Drawer Fronts

The cabinet doors are warranted against reasonable warpage and cracking of the joints up to one year from installation. This warranty of the doors is void if during the construction phase the doors are subjected to unreasonable hot or cold spells as it affects the integrity of the natural wood product and may potentially lead to a failure. Unusual warpage of doors over a length of 42” is not warranted. Pertinent to wood mitered doors, depending on the humidity level the miter on the doors may open up to 0.5mm on the outside during the high humidity and open on the inside up to 0.5mm during low humidity. This will not be considered a warranty condition.

Cabinet Finishes

Even under the best of care, cabinet finishes, including vinyl and printed finishes, will naturally deteriorate over time as a result of normal use. Cabinet finishes may also change colour over time due to UV exposure. We do not warrant any aspect of the finishes beyond one-year warranty.


Laminated Materials

Laminated materials, or materials which have been bonded together to form a particular component , are not warranted against de-lamination, or the separation of one layer of material from another beyond our one year warranty, unless the de-lamination threatens the structural integrity of the cabinet box or case.


Thermal bowing of exterior walls

This is not a defect in workmanship or materials provided by True Custom.  Wall bowing is a result of temperature and moisture differences between the inside and outside edges of exterior wall studs on a seasonal basis. This in turn may cause the wall to bow slightly over its length in the winter and return in the summer. This is a normal occurrence and may only become noticeable when the wall has straight material against it such as a stair, a cabinet, a countertop or a bathroom vanity. As the wall bows, it may also cause separation of caulking or drywall at the joint between the materials. Cracking of caulking or drywall can also occur as a result of normal shrinkage of wood as it naturally dries, and this may re-occur on a seasonal basis. Any issues with cabinetry due to thermal bowing is not a warrantable defect.

We further do not warrant our products against the effects of normal wear & tear.


Our warranty is applicable only if True Custom Kitchens has been paid in full for the cabinets and accessories


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