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Our Building Standards 

What you can expect 

3D Visibility:

For every kitchen, we provide a virtual tour like this one. We understand that it is often difficult to imagine what the final result will look like. To help expand your understanding beyond the blueprints provided, we add in your selections to our plans for these virtual walkthroughs. We're also adding new videos to our YouTube Channel all the time if you are looking for fresh ideas! 

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Premium Cabinet Construction

 Our cabinet boxes are made of  ¾” 45lb/cube ft melamine. We also use premium ¾” 50lb/cube ft. MDF and 3/4” wood veneers in our cabinet exterior construction. Compare these to the low density 5/8” materials used by competitors, and we provide an incredibly sturdy cabinet that will withstand a lifetime of wear and tear.

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Custom interiors

Our standard interior materials are white or light maple, but we have many other interior melamine colors and patterns available, as well as wood veneers. Our signature Mountain Ash product is a dusky grey that coordinates elegantly with many exteriors and is a pleasure to open cabinets to. Your friends will be surprised when they open your new cabinets for the first time (as they all will)

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Door and Drawer Faces

Our most popular faces are flat panel or CNC cut MDF doors that have less joints for possible cracking. These are commonly offered in a few styles, with either 2 ¼” or 3” style and rails.


Of course, the custom nature of our company means that our ‘catalogue’ for door profiles is endlessly vast. With many ornate styles, minimal shaker style aluminum, flat panel high gloss, stainless steel, specialty veneers, or endless options of textured melamine.

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Soft Closing Hardware

Our standard doors and drawers function on Blumotion soft close hinges and Blumotion full extension undermount glides (max 40 kg). This superior top of the line hardware catches the force mid-swing and slows the motion of the door or drawer before it silently closes, eliminating any slamming and greatly reducing wear and tear.​

Some available upgrades for your cabinet door/drawer hardware:

2016-04-28 12.32.40.jpg
Dovetailed Drawers

Our standard drawers are made of  5/8” Baltic birch and are built with dovetailed joints. This is an extremely strong drawer with the finest joints. We maximize drawer space by positioning the glides underneath instead of taking up room on the sides. We often notch these drawers around piping (in cabinets such as vanities) without reducing their structural integrity.


Our drawers are available in other solid wood materials like maple, cherry, walnut, etc.

Looking for something more modern styled? We can do a variety of industrial inspired upgrades into Legrabox, Metabox, and glass sided Tandembox. See those options here: 

Box systems | Blum


The most fun in a kitchen are the functional gadgets, and we love putting in devices to maximize the space available. The classic lazy-Susan corner may be better utilized with a magic corner sliding basket system. We can insert beautiful recycling centers, or perhaps pull down storage are what you need!


We have many custom dovetail drawer options available; such as pantry pullouts, wine inserts, spice pullouts, Laundry hamper pullouts, appliance pullouts, and more. Tell us what you're trying to accomplish and we'll find a solution!

Superior Finish

Paint and lacquer is everyone’s favorite part. We use a 20 degree sheen, white Lacquer finish as our base pricing colour, but we can match any colour available.


Paint or stain matches can be made to literally anything you provide. We ensure that the finish is installed to perfection and can live up to daily use.

Meticulous Installations

We install all of our own products: We don’t rely on subcontracted installers. This ensures the highest quality is met every time!

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 We use the highest quality materials and hardware to ensure longevity and minimize issues. Even so, things do happen, and we guarantee our work! See our full warranty here

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